Learn Tamil For Free

Is there any easy way to learn the Tamil language? Yes, there are a few easy ways to learn Tamil and keep practicing it for free. Plenty of online courses and sources are hidden under a PAYWALL that might be limited for people who want to explore more language and learn it for free. Education should be free so do language knowledge. Every language helps you to understand their culture and their people. It is good to learn more new languages; it even allows you to broader your thought and brings new ideas.

Listen To Tamil Songs

Listen to new and old Tamil songs that’s how you can quickly grasp more words and even some fancy, catchy words. If you are familiar with a few words and can understand their meaning, try Tamil Songs along with Tamil Lyrics. By increasing your listening and reading skills this going to be an addition to your learning progress.

Watch Tamil News

You can find plenty of Tamil news channels on youtube. You can watch the live feeds because most of tamil news channels still follow the pure tamil tradition.

Watch Some Tamil Kid’s Cartoons

Youtube is a great source to find kid’s cartoons. Even there are Tamil alphabets videos to teach phonics.

Watch Tamil Movies With Subtitles

Tamil movies are a great source to understand and learn their language with love and emotion. There are plenty and plenty of tamil movies to watch, if you start today, it gonna take you years to complete the top movies from tamil collection.

Chit-chat with Real Tamil Speaking People

Find any international tamil chat room and get along with people in there. At first, monitor their chatting style, and keep reading their chit chatting in the main wall. If its Thanglish, it’s gonna be easier to read and pronounce those words quicker.